Clowd EASTer COASTin Part 3

Part 3 of our Easter Roadtrip began with a stop at Murwillumbah. From there we hit Ormeau with Trent and the crew from Precinct. The last stop on the trip was Brackenridge with CJ and the crew from Skatebiz. The scooters were rampant as they had been during the days, but since the park had lights the session went on into the night, with the vermin becoming less in the later hours.

Featuring Matt McManus, Brandon Caldwell aka Cozza, Adam Tabone, Dean Parsons, Sam Sutton, Kat Williams, Jay Runciman, Zach Morrison, Rowan Davis, Zacc Connell, Jake Duncombe and Andy Walker. (Turn off CC to remove names while playing).

Filmed by Andy Walker, Brandon Caldwell, Adam Tabone Rowan Davis and Jake Duncombe.

Edited by Adam Tabone.