New Old Skateboards

New Old is 100% Skater Owned and Operated.

Established in 2017 by Ben Gauci.

Headed up by an international Pro team consisting of Flo Marfaing (Spain), Matej Hakl (Czech Republic/Australia) & Ben Gauci (Australia), along with a number of am riders.

The name New Old comes from a famous Sydney skatespot of the same name. New Old was frequented by many of Sydney’s best skaters in the early 2000’s, including Sid Tapia, who designed the current New Old brand logo.

New Old uses decks made by a leading manufacturer that produces decks for many of the largest brands. Pressed in Mexico using only the best quality veneers and glue to keep your board better for longer and with more pop.

All new Old decks are proudly printed in Australia by Clowd Distribution.