Clowd EASTer COASTin Part 2

Over Easter riders from all the Clowd brands jumped in Vans and roadtripped from Sydney to Brisbane hitting parks, putting on free food and giving away product with the help of some of our stockists.

Port Macqaurrie broke up the drive before arriving in Coffs to session with Bevo and the crew from PopsGood. From there we hit Ballina with Tony, Graeme and the Truckstop Sk8 crew.

Featuring Adam Tabone, Dean Parsons, Sam Sutton, Kat Williams, Jay Runciman, Jake Smyth, Zach Morrison, Rowan Davis, Zacc Connell, Adam Haydec, Jake Duncombe, Lewis Wood, Jason Bray, Chris Smyth, Maca, Vaughan Marks, Will Hine & Cody Worrell. (Turn off CC to remove names while playing).

Filmed by Andy Walker, Brandon Caldwell and Adam Tabone.

Edited by Adam Tabone.

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