Miasma Kill Club Video

Miasma’s first official team video.
Shot by Jace Mitchell.
Cut by Dan McGuiness.

Andrew Westergaard as Dr Henery Housingboster.
Angus Thomas as Scuba Steven.
Beau Hinge as The Ring Master.
Michael Casey as The Cardboard Box’s Apprentice.
Nick Baxter Bennett as The Butler’s Wife.
Nick Kris as Cheryl Bonkers.
Tom Lupton as Best Boy.
Zach Georgiou as Pepper Joinmaster


Stephen Lovegrove aka Igor is notorious for breaking boards (usually a few in one session). That made him the perfect candidate to test Redline for us. There was more than a few occasions during the filming of this clip that any normal board would have given up, but the Redline deck stayed strong. More info

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