About Us

An Entirely Australian Distributor with the aim of Supporting and Growing Australian brands and support for the local scene.

Australian Brands support local skateboarders, shops, events, publications, websites, videos, the people behind them and much more. They also promote Australian skateboarders through social media, events and advertising. Keep it local, SUPPORT AUSTRALIAN BRANDS.

A Few Key Points

Quality is #1

We have always prided ourselves on supplying only the best quality products. Putting out a quality product is more important to us than a slightly cheaper price or a bigger margin. We throughly
research suppliers and test multiple
samples before committing to stocking
any new products. We use the worlds
leading suppliers and have traded
consistently with some for over 12 years.

Printed in AUS

All our decks are printed right here in Australia using the industry standard of Heat Transfer. We have been supplying boards using this method locally for over 7 years.

Skateboarder Owned and Operated

Owner Andy Walker has been a passionate skateboarder for over 24 years. With over 18 years of industry experience and more than 12 years of that
operating his own business’ (élan Skateboards
and Clowd Distribution) you can count on both
quality service and products.

Developing and Advancing Products

We’re always pushing for products to be better. Whether it’s a new wheel formula with a custom shape or increasing the strength in a deck using other technology
with our new Redline decks, we’re always
looking to make improvements in what we
already consider the best products currently