Redline Technology

Introducing REDLINE. Proudly developed by Clowd Distribution.

Exclusive to Clowd Distribution Brands, Redline decks are THINNER, STRONGER and the POP LASTS LONGER.

Clowd Distribution developed Redline through extensive testing of different veneer and fiber layups, resulting in a unique, superior product not available from any other brand or supplier. Redline Decks are thinner than a traditional 7 ply deck, yet are still MUCH STRONGER.

The Carbon Fiber top layer gives the board additional strength as well as keeping it stiffer and making the pop last for the lifetime of the deck. That’s JUST THE BEGINNING. Redline features even more technology throughout the deck and incorporates a custom veneer layup to help reduce the weight.

DON’T BE FOOLED. Some brands are passing off black fibreglass as Carbon Fiber. Not only is it false advertising, but the different fibers also react differently. We only use the real deal and have done our own development on Redline decks to bring you the best product possible.

Currently available in 7.75″ 8.0″, 8.25″, 8.5″ and in all graphics from Clowd Distribution brands. RRP is $109.95.

Look for the Redline insert to show that the board features Redline Technology.



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REDLINE Promotional Video.

Stephen Lovegrove aka Igor is notorious for breaking boards (usually a few in one session). That made him the perfect candidate to test Redline for us. There was more than a few occasions during the filming of this clip that any normal board would have given up, but the Redline deck held out.
Filmed by Jarrod Knoblauch and Andy Walker. Edited by Jarrod Knoblauch.

Miasma Ad for Redline