Spinifex Desert Seasons Deck

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Spinifex Desert Seasons Deck. RRP $129.95

Spinifex Skateboards celebrates this beautiful collaborative art piece, painted by mother and daughter, Emma and Shantara Hayes. Through their own eyes, their connection to Country and their artistic talent we proudly bring you Desert Seasons.
The other evening, we gathered out the back of Old Village area in Ltyentye Apurte to take photos of the painting duo. The temperature has dropped after yet another hot day. The birds chirp, the dogs roam, the children play and the nanny goats, well.. they just do their thing. We rush not to miss the golden hour. Emma and her daughter have matching smiles and they shine brightly as the sun sets against the hills.
“Well, it’s good, you know, to paint together. Mother and Daughter, as artists. And I’m proud of her” says Emma Hayes. “And now she goes and does it herself; paints, buys canvas, goes to the art centre. Makes art and that’s it!” she chuckles. “I started the dot painting (on this board) and then I wanted to keep space for her to continue.”
“Yep” says shy Shantara.
“It shows for all seasons, you know? It’s showing the desert and when we have a big rain it comes to green country and then it comes back to dry and this is the red around” explains Emma pointing to the bright red dot painting pattern on the graphic. The alkngampeme (open flowers) representing the “green country”, the dark and light line work in the middle of the board representing everything that comes with all seasons; the rlke (wind), the kwatye (water/rain), the ahelhe lhere (creek sand) and the ever changing vast landscape. To some, the Country here, might seem bare. Just a dry desert landscape. But through our eyes, our homelands show rich beauty in all seasons.

Spinifex Skateboards was started by long time skateboarder and Arrernte Man Nicky Hayes. Nicky and Spinifex are based in Ltyentye Apurte, just south of Alice Springs NT.

Nicky also helped build and runs an indoor skatepark and skate lessons for the local community. 

All money raised through Spinifex helps to fund the annual First Nation's skateboard tours. 

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